Turn the clock back to 1961 and beyond. Roam those old dirt roads once more and visit friendly neighbours you knew so well. From its beginnings before 1930 to its dismantlement in 1961, making way for the Squaw Rapids Hydro-electric Dam, to the day in 1962 when the river rose and water erased footprints forever, there's a lot to remember and to comment on.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Teachers of Mossy Vale School: 1943 to 1961

The school at Mossy Vale was basic, small and until close to the end, without electricity. The "Library" was a small cupboard in the corner and the wood stove in the opposite corner would turn red when stoked but throw marginal heat further than a few feet. Yet, through the shear determination and dedication of a handful of women who "chose" to come and teach there, the children were treated to fine learning experiences. Phyllis Hagen was the first (Sep-Dec 1943) and Louise Kemp was the last (1960-61). In between were: Irma Leitz (Jan-June 1944), Edith (Young) Vereschagin (1944-46), Helen Geppert (1946-47), Marian (Adamson) Larson (1947-49), Thelma Hamilton (1949-52), ? (1952-53), Betty Oram (1953-54), ? (Sep-Dec 1954), Phyllis (Bradshaw) Atkinson (Jan-June 1955), Irene Sawatzky (1955-57), Illa (McCann) May (1957-58), Coral Backstrom (1958-59), and Anne (Boyarchuk) Morris (1959-60).

Your assistance with the provision of missing dates and/or corrections where inaccurate will be greatly appreciated.

Photo courtesy H. Larson (Lavern Larson: the last bat at Mossy Vale School, 1961 or 1962)

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