Turn the clock back to 1961 and beyond. Roam those old dirt roads once more and visit friendly neighbours you knew so well. From its beginnings before 1930 to its dismantlement in 1961, making way for the Squaw Rapids Hydro-electric Dam, to the day in 1962 when the river rose and water erased footprints forever, there's a lot to remember and to comment on.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Building Mossy Vale School,1943

From Left: Ellis Hamilton, Bill Symonds, Bob Halladay, Clare Nelson, Bill Adamson, Floyd Nelson. On ground from left: George Smith Sr., John Adamson, Beatrice Nelson.

From the name suggested by Harry Watts who lived south of the Petaigan River, Mossy Vale School District #5159 was formed in 1939. In 1943 the school was built on the west side of the Tote Road on land owned by Steve Matrice and Annie Morris (sec. 26) and later moved to Eldon and Joyce Adamson's northeast quarter (sec. 22) around the time the new road was put through in 1952.

Photo courtesy: E. Adamson

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pioneer Picnic, July 5, 1961 — Visiting in the "Shades"

Possibly Eileen Yager with sun glasses, Margaret (Adamson) McGibbon, and ???. The teacherage is in the background, and was transformed into a food and refreshment concession booth for the big day.

Photo courtesy: E. Adamson

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mossy Vale School, Circa 1940

From Left: Joyce Nelson, Betty Smith, Bernice Nelson, Phyllis Hagen (teacher), Clarice Nelson, Adeline Wall, Madeline Morris. Left Front: Robbie Symmonds, Dale Nelson, Alice Reimer, Cecil Reimer, Jackie Wall, Art Wall.

Photo courtesy: E. Adamson

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mossy Vale Pioneer Picnic Booth and Ball Game, July 5, 1961

Gathering at the food booth set up against the teacherage. Guess the hotdogs were cooked inside and passed through the window. From Left: ?, Jean (Smith) Mitchell, Gertrude (?) Shaw, Audrey (Young) Smith and daughter Marguerite, Mary (Morris) Mitchell behind the counter, and ???. Purses were big back then!

Women's softball game. Catcher: Teacher Anne (Boyarchuk) Morris, batter: Eunice (Nelson) Adamson. Behind the enthusiastic crowd is the school's woodshed, and in the distance is the Eldon Adamson barn.

Photos courtesy: E. Adamson

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mossy Vale Pioneer Picnic, July 5, 1961

From Left: Velma Brown, Florrie Symonds, George Larson, Olive Halladay

Photo courtesy: E. Adamson

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mossy Vale Vacation Bible School, Circa 1954

Hey look, warm day, the door is open! It was summer holidays ... and more school — Vacation Bible School that is, held at Mossy Vale School. Johnny Smith is in the foreground, Clara (Hamilton) (is that you) next to him, and Verna (Reimer) is behind, facing the camera. ... the others were too busy to look up. Audrey Jean (Smith), was this the time you came from Nipawin and attended, and so could one of those two girls be you? The identities of the boy who is standing and the bigger boy in the far row next to the blackboard, are not confirmed.

Photo courtesy K. Smith
(Thanks Verna, for also sending an identical copy)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jack Reimer by Log House and Later 1949 Home

The Reimers lived in a log house until the 2 story one was built in 1949.

Photos courtesy: C. Reimer

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Necessity: the Mother of Invention

This Gray Dort with the back cut to form a truck-like vehicle, belonged to Stacey Young and is parked here in front of Mossy Vale School. He was the father of Edith and Audrey.

Photo courtesy: H. Frank

Mossy Vale Church

In 1941, Frank and Cassandra Morris granted a parcel of their land across the road from their home (SW 27 - 53 - 11 - W2) to the (Anglican) Synod of the Diocese of Saskatchewan. This church, which was erected beginning in 1940 by area residents ended services that had been held in their home and in the homes of others. The church served Mossy Vale, Reno Hill, and Pas Trail, wasn't heated and therefore not used in winter. During the Second World War, with a number of the district men away, it was closed down and services were once again held in folks' homes or at the school. In 1952 it was cleaned up and reopened with student minister Ray Hefflefinger conducting services. The above picture might have been taken in 1954 just after student minister, Irving Fraser, had successfully organized a work bee to paint the church white.

Sources: Saskatchewan Archives (SA-1416) U.C. Pas Trail Field Mission / ISC Grant Search
Photo courtesy: C. Reimer

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Church at the Morris's, 1940

From left: (kneeling in front) Gordon with son Allan Halladay, Joyce Oram, Betty Smith, Clarice Nelson, Gerry Brown, Robbie Symonds, Sandy Smith, Bill Adamson
(standing in front) Allan Shaw, ?, Bill Symonds, Mr. Frank Morris Sr, Mr. Bob Halladay, ? (minister), Katie Morris with brother Jack Morris, ? (peaking over shoulder), ? Nelson, ? Nelson, ?, ? peaking from behind ?, Geordie Smith
(second/third/fourth rows) ? peaking over shoulder, Tom Smith partially hidden from view, ?, ?, Smith Nelson, Marian Adamson, ?, Mrs. Florrie Symonds, ? behind Florrie, ? peaking from between Florrie and Minister, ? hatted person hidden behind minister, ? hatted woman, Mrs Mary Smith, Thelma Stephenson, Mr. George Smith Sr.
(back) ? with infant or behind person hidden from view, ? left of door frame, Mrs. Cassandra Morris with grand daughter Marina Morris, ? hatted woman, ?.
(Click the photo to enlarge)

Photo courtesy: E. Adamson

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Petaigan River

Petaigan River, shot from the bridge by Andrew Hamilton.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nipawin Journal, July 13, 1961

The Pioneer Picnic, held on June 5, 1961, was the last get-together at Mossy Vale.
Courtesy: Oren Robison