Turn the clock back to 1961 and beyond. Roam those old dirt roads once more and visit friendly neighbours you knew so well. From its beginnings before 1930 to its dismantlement in 1961, making way for the Squaw Rapids Hydro-electric Dam, to the day in 1962 when the river rose and water erased footprints forever, there's a lot to remember and to comment on.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mossy Vale HIstory Cairn

In my last post I ended with a photo of my mother, Katie Smith, standing beside the just-erected Mossy Vale history cairn on the day of the reunion. Over the months that I worked on the cairn plans with the other members of the Mossy Vale Sign Committee, I gathered she figured our efforts were a bit of a waste of time. But that day in July, when she navigated the rough ground with her walker from the car to the cairn, and then read the inscription plaque, it was clear she was delighted. In this post I wanted to champion the efforts of Bill Weighill and René Chabot, whose "sweat-equity" and experience in particular, is why we have such a magnificent history cairn.

René Chabot preparing to drill holes in the boulder in advance of mounting the inscription plaque.

Bringing the boulder to the cairn site, back to front: Bill Weighill, Walter Hamilton, René Chabot.

About to mount the plaque and preserve Mossy Vale's history. "Click" on the photo to enlarge and read the inscription.

Photos courtesy: C. Weighill