Turn the clock back to 1961 and beyond. Roam those old dirt roads once more and visit friendly neighbours you knew so well. From its beginnings before 1930 to its dismantlement in 1961, making way for the Squaw Rapids Hydro-electric Dam, to the day in 1962 when the river rose and water erased footprints forever, there's a lot to remember and to comment on.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Leaving Mossy Vale

The recently built home in this "moving" picture taken in December, 1961, is evidence that Geordie and Katie Smith had intended to spend their lives farming at Mossy Vale. While still wielding hammer and saw in 1959, one might imagine their shock upon learning from Saskatchewan Power Corporation agents that the dreams they were building, were not to be completed. Here, on an otherwise bright and cheery morning, Katie and Geordie document the last of several truck hauls they had made during those final days, and more importantly, preserve their last memory of the home they never got to finish and would never visit again.

Photo courtesy: K. Smith

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  1. I remember how proud the Smith family was of their new home. Myself and a friend were invited to supper not long after they moved in—John and Brian could not wait to show me the house—what a nice home it was.